22 Nov 2023 General

Celebrating 10 years

The Hereward CRP celebrated 10 years of promoting the local railway between Peterborough and Ely between October 2022 and October 2023. Part of the finale to the 10 anniversary celebrations is a booklet showcasing a decade of highlights.

Working in partnership with the community and the railway industry the CRP has helped achieve significant improvements to some of the stations and helped to ensure more trains stop along the Hereward Line, specifically at Manea and March.  Marketing, advertising, promotions, local events and special trains all form part of the awareness raising to encourage great use of the Hereward line.

The decade of highlights booklet takes you on a journey through 10 years of local involvement with the railways showing how work together generates awareness and improvements.

Click on the link to view the booklet.

HCRP Anniversary Booklet