Station Adopting / Volunteering

What is Station Adoption?

Volunteers willing to give some of the spare time to help keep stations tidy and looking good can sign up as a Station Adopter at their local station. There are more than 1000 Station Adopters all across the rail network and their activities can range from planting and tending beautiful station gardens and keeping platforms clean and tidy, to fund raising and hosting community events.

How can I get involved?

Volunteers need to sign up with the Train Operating Company responsible for the station they want to volunteer at.

Buying Tickets

Where can I buy a ticket?

Please visit our Travel Advice: Buy Tickets page

What ticket do I need?

There are a number of different tickets to select from. Use this handy National Rail Guide to find out what option suits your travel needs.

What Train Service can I travel on?

Check what service your ticket is valid on by using National Rail Enquiries My Ticket Tool.

What if I have a problem with my ticket?

If you have questions or issues with your ticket contact the site or organisation you purchased your ticket from.

Advice or assistance may also be available from the Train Operating Company if your issue relates to a particular train service.

If you are unable to resolve the issue and wish to make a complaint please see our Report an Issue page.

On the Train

Can I travel with pets?

For details of what you can carry on board the train click here.

Can I travel with a bicycle?

Visit Plus Bike for all the information you need to plan your seemless rail and bicycle journeys.

Can I buy food and drink on the train?

Details of the catering facilities available on each train are indicated using symbols on the National Rail Enquiries Journey Planner.

Visit the National Rail Enquiries On the Train page for the symbol descriptions.


Use National Rail Enquiries Stations page to check if the station you are visiting is accessible for your needs.

On Board Assistance

For a helping hand when travelling by train visit National Rail Enquiries Passenger Assist page.

Or to book assistance contact Passenger Assist on freephone 0800 0223720.


How do I raise an issue or complaint?

Complaints should be made directly to the relevant Train Operating Company.

If your complaint relates to a ticket purchase please contact the ticket provider in the first instance.

If have followed the Train Operating Companies complaints process and you are not happy with the response, please contact Transport Focus or the Rail Ombudsman for more advice.

If you are not sure which Train Operating Company you need to contact please visit our Raise an Issue page.



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