9 Jan 2023 General

Hereward Community Rail Partnership launches Transport Planning Guide

The Transport Planning Guide for Local Communities is a new publication being launched by the Hereward Community Rail Partnership (HCRP) with funding from the Cross-Country Community Fund.
Cambridgeshire ACRE were appointed by the HCRP to develop the guide.

Whilst much of the publication’s information has been adapted to the North Cambridgeshire context, the principles, case studies and local solutions can be adapted.

The guide is for local councils and community members.
It is aimed at those people who may have an interest in transport or transport issues in the community that they need to address.  Getting around to work, shop, and carry out our everyday lives can sometimes be a challenge, particularly in more rural communities. Good transport planning can have a positive impact on our daily lives, helping to improve our health, our local areas and our overall quality of life.

Transport planning can be complex, so it is important that the issues involved are understood by town and parish councils and communities.  It is essential that you can give input to and influence the transport systems provided at a local level.
It is for these reasons that this new publication has been produced.