11 Sep 2020 Whittlesea

Manea and Whittlesea Station CrossCountry service

The Hereward Community Rail Partnership (CRP) is very disappointed that Cross Country has temporarily withdrawn their stops at Manea, March and Whittlesea and although we understand the challenges COVID-19 has created we hope that these services can be reinstated as soon as possible.

Cross Country is represented on the Hereward CRP Steering Group and we have fully engaged in discussions with them at every level to try and resolve this issue. We have also been working closely with Greater Anglia to ensure that alternative route options remain available.

We understand that this situation is expected to be temporary but that may be of little comfort to those seeking to return to work and education whose journeys have been complicated by Cross Country’s reduced provision.

A large amount of funding is being invested into the regeneration of Fenland’s stations, which the CRP is fully supportive of, but we also need improved services and better rail connectivity in Fenland, not worse. The Hereward CRP and Fenland District Council as lead partner have worked hard for many years to lobby for better services at Fenland stations, particularly more early morning and late evening services, and we will continue to do so.