23 Aug 2022

New wayfinding signage at Whittlesea Station

Whittlesea Railway Station has received a further upgrade with the installation of brand new wayfinding signage.

A new wayfinding monolith totem has been installed to help passengers navigate their way around the station and to and from the town centre more easily.

It features a map of the station layout, directional information and a new map promoting the various walking and cycling routes around the town.

The signage was funded by the Hereward Community Rail Partnership and Cambridgeshire County Council’s Integrated Transport Fund and comes in response to feedback from passengers and local station adopters for more station signage.

The installation of the monolith is the latest upgrade to Whittlesea Station, which has had new information boards, new station nameplates and new ticket machines in recent months. The improvements also compliment the other regeneration works taking place across all of Fenland’s railway stations through Fenland District Council’s Railway Station Masterplans, with funding from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority. In Whittlesey, the upgrades have included new station lighting and new platform waiting shelters.

Cllr Chris Seaton, Fenland District Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Vice Chairman of the Hereward Community Rail Partnership, said the new monolith signage was a fantastic addition to the station.

He said: “The Council and its partners in the Hereward Community Rail Partnership are always looking for ways to make our stations easier and more convenient for passengers to use. That’s why we’re delighted to have installed this new signage at Whittlesea to help visitors find their way around the station’s unusual layout and across the town via various walking and cycling routes.”

The new walking and cycling map featured on the monolith will also be available soon in brochure format – keep an eye out at the station to pick one up.